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WITH the UK producing over 100 million tonnes of organic material per year which has the potential to generate biogas and renewable energy, much of this material from the local authorities’ waste collection is being directed to landfill sites across the UK as waste. If the Biogas from this waste was harnessed it could make a significant contribution towards meeting the UK’s renewable energy targets for 2020. 

Iona Capital Environmental VCT was established to invest in environmental infrastructure projects, focusing on utilising local authorities waste and harnessing the resultant biogas generated. Investments are through a combination of secured debt and equity, targeting a tax free running yield of 10% (which equates to a gross equivalent yield to a higher tax payer of approximately 13.3%) once the funds are fully invested. Early return of capital will be sought and equity upside through structured exits, principally from debt re-financing.  Each investment will utilise low risk proven technology and will be backed by long term supply contracts with local authorities or established companies. Iona Environmental VCT Plc is an Investment Company within the meaning of Section 833 of the Companies Act 2006. 

We enjoy working with both waste managers and entrepreneurs with experience in the sector. If you have identified an opportunity in the sector or you seek funding and would like to discuss this with us, please contact us on 0207 629 9166 or email us at