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About us

What we stand for
Iona is committed to sustainable investment and the following core values:

Integrity: we negotiate in good faith and take a partnership approach
Openness: we have a multi-level engagement at all stages
No nonsense: we have an investment process which is nimble and means we are able to react positively to project specific needs
Accountability: account - giving relationships between all counterparties

Who we are

Iona is an independent investment company based in London and Manchester. The investment team is largely comprised of waste management and renewables executives who are particularly experienced in negotiating and implementing long term infrastructure projects. The investment team has a combined track record of over 2.5bn of investments in UK infrastructure projects.
Iona manages funds in behalf of institutional investors, principally UK pension funds, who are attracted to the sector for its appealing cash yields and non-correlated absolute returns.
Iona launched its first institutional fund, Iona Environmental Infrastructure LP, in 2012 with support from UK pension funds. The fund focussed on investments in the Bioenergy sector and has made investments in 11 environmental infrastructure projects in England, Scotland and Wales. 

What we do

Iona invests in relatively low risk environmental infrastructure assets, targeting double digit returns for its investor base. It achieves this through prudent project identification, negotiation and a contracting structure which is designed to de-risk project returns.

Our sector specialist team, which we believe is the most experienced operating in the UK market place, takes a hands on approach to its investments, constantly seeking to optimise the performance of portfolio companies through improved operating efficiencies and technology enhancements.