Low carbon infrastructure projects


Industry and operational experience


Investment track record


Since 2011, Iona has managed funds on behalf of institutional pension funds and successfully invested these in long term projects within the UK renewables market.

Our purpose

By delivering superior investment returns in sustainable businesses, help drive funding to accelerate the transition to a low carbon global economy.


Climate change poses a very tangible and increasing threat to the

environment, humanity and the global economy. Iona believes that it will take

the collective efforts of investors, companies, individuals and governments to address climate change.

We strongly believe that the increasing recognition and focus on climate

change is creating value opportunities for investors as new markets,

technologies and business models emerge. For more information see our ESG page.

Over the last 9 years, the Iona team has built a differentiated and focused capability in identifying and executing these emergent value opportunities. 

Our investment and asset management experience within the waste and renewables sectors clearly demonstrates that investment in sustainable, low

carbon businesses and projects can deliver above market risk-adjusted returns.

Our success is delivering strong investment returns will, in turn, generate

increasing investor interest in, and funding for, sustainable investment

opportunities that will help create the new sustainable global economy.



The Iona funds focus on the Bioenergy and Resource Efficiency sectors utilising 

well proven technologies such as Anaerobic Digestion ("AD"), Biomass

Combined Heat and Power ("Biomass CHP") and conventional Energy from

Waste technologies ("EfW"). Additional add on technologies in energy 

efficiency and infrastructure are also considered. We take a low risk approach

to all projects with the above technologies having proven reference sites.

Iona works closely with leading UK and international energy management

industry participants, project developers and industry consultants to source

long term projects which it prepares for investment.

The Bioenergy sector has both a favourable and stable fiscal and regulatory

regime underpinned by UK and World decarbonisation targets (COP 21). UK

Tariffs for electricity and gas revenue sales provide inflationary hedged income

streams and non-correlated market returns.