Biogen Gwyriad Ltd

Deal Overview

Iona Environmental Infrastructure LP provided funding for Gwynedd County Council’s first Anaerobic Digestion (“AD”) facility, also our first investment into Wales. ‘GwyriAD’ is located on the council's site at Llwyn Isaf in North West Wales, processing 11,000 tonnes of food waste annually. The food waste is collected by the council from local households and businesses to generate 3500 MWh of electricity for export to the national grid. This powers roughly 700 households continuously. 

This contract lasts 15 years and benefits from the Feed-In Tariffs introduced in April 2010 by the UK government (the minimum payment for electricity produced from renewable sources is fixed for 20 years with an annual increase in line with the Retail Prices Index) and is part of the “AD Strategy and Action Plan” published in June 2011 by DECC.


Gwyriad is operated by Biogen, originally Greenfinch founded back in 1993 before being acquired by Biogen (UK) Ltd in 2008. The acquisition has since led to Biogen becoming the UK’s leading anaerobic digestion process building and operating company. Biogen has designed and built 19 AD plants up to date, processing over 180,000 tonnes of food waste annually and generating 8MW of green electricity. That is enough power for 25,000 homes.


For more information please read the article on the BBC website and Biogen Gwyriad project page.

Investment Name

Biogen Gwyriad Limited



Biogen UK Ltd



Llwyn Isaf, North West Wales


Waste type

Food waste provided by local households and businesses, collected by Gwynedd Council


Deal closed

July 2012



Anaerobic Digestion