Bridgwater Resource Recovery

Deal Overview

In November 2018, Iona Environmental Infrastructure LP3 co-invested alongside Equitix in the construction of a new Energy from Waste ("EfW") facility locate in Bridgwater, Somerset.

The 7.75MW (net) capacity plant will employ up to 25 full-time operational staff and process approximately 100,000 tonnes of commercial and municipal refuse derived fuel (“RDF”) per annum, which would otherwise have been committed to landfill. Construction will commence in Q1 2019 and the facility will begin commercial operations in 2021.

The project will be delivered under a turnkey design and build contract with STC Power SRL (“STC Power”), a specialist in the construction of small-scale thermal energy plants, STC Power has delivered over 20 facilities since 2001.

Waste feedstock for the plant will be supplied under a long term supply contract by Geminor UK Limited (“Geminor”), a leading exporter and supplier of RDF across northern Europe.


The Operations and Maintenance contractor for the project is Pinnacle Power Limited (“Pinnacle Power”) which is a part of the Pinnacle Group, and a provider of construction and operations services for district heat and power projects in the UK. 

Investment Name

Bridgwater Resource Recovery Limited



Pinnacle Power Limited



Bridgwater, Somerset


Waste type

Municipal Refuse Derived Fuel


Deal closed

November 2018



Energy from Waste