Brocklesby Biogas Ltd

Deal Overview

Iona Environmenal Infrastructure LP2 invested in Brocklesby Biogas in July 2016. This was a joint venture with Brocklesby Ltd, a family owned recycling company. Brocklesby Ltd recycles used edible cooking oil and fatty food waste, producing biodiesel and as a by-product a liquid feedstock for anaerobic digestion plants. The project has been developed in partnership with Zebec energy, BioConstruct and 

Advantage Biogas. BioConstruct has over 15 years of experience in engineering and delivering biogas plants and offers a qualified management service throughout the facilities lifecycle.


CLS Engineering provided the civil works for the project. Advantage Biogas has partnered up with AB Impianti for the provision of the CHP engines and UKPS for electrical works. Energap Consulting  was selected to manage engineering, procurement and construction for this project.

The facility is located in North Cave, East Riding of Yorkshire adjacent to the Brocklesby Ltd. This anaerobic digestion plant is capable of processing up to 70,000 tonnes of liquid food waste per year and generating 7MW of heat and electricity. One of the by-products is a bio-fertiliser that can be distributed onto farm land. The plant is eligible for ROCs and RHI tariffs, which are a part of the government environmental programme to support renewable energy projects across the UK.


Brocklesby Biogas Plant has been operational since September 2018, and is currently operated by Advantage Biogas.

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Investment Name

Brocklesby Biogas Ltd



Advantage Biogas Limited



North Cave, Brough 


Waste type

Liquid food waste


Deal closed

July 2016



Anaerobic Digestion