Cumbria Biogas Limited

Deal Overview

Iona Environmental Infraastructure LP NW acquired the Dryholme Farm AD Plant, at Silloth, Cumbria in 2016.  The facility was commissioned in 2010 with a total installed capacity of 1,800 kW.

The plant is accredited under the government’s Feed in Tariff scheme and is eligible for an RHI tariff, which are part of the government environmental programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK.

The plant processes feedstocks grown on locally to the plant, and produces a biofertiliser for use on agricultural land.  The facility supports the local economy through a variety of contracting and agricultural service requirements.


Advantage, our portfolio service operator, provides support to our CHP plants across the UK. Their core focus is on routine maintenance and health and safety checks as well as ensuring compliance and plant optimisation. In addition to conducting routine operating activities the plant, Advantage have been commissioned to refurbish parts of the facility to optimise its potential output.

Investment Name

Cumbria Biogas Ltd



Advantage Biogas Limited



Dryholme Farm, Silloth


Waste type

Farm waste


Deal closed

November 2016



Anaerobic Digestion