Gravel Pit Biogas Ltd

Deal Overview

Gravel Pit Biogas (“Gravel Pit”) gas to grid anaerobic digestion plant is located near Sand Hutton, North Yorkshire. The plant receives feedstocks from Gravel Pit Farm and associated farms, which are situated close to the plant, ensuring short feedstock transport distances. 

The AD plant technology was supplied by PlanET Biogas Group, a leading plant manufacturer, which has completed over 400 biogas plants worldwide. Surgo Construction was awarded the contract to provide engineering, procurement and construction management services, supported by CNG who carried out all necessary works to connect the plant to the national gas grid. The facility is capable of producing up to 2 million m3 per annum of biomethane, upgraded using Prodeval’s “Valopur” membrane system and injected into the grid. A small combined heat and power (CHP) generator utilises gas from the site to generate electricity to provide power to the plant, thus further reducing the requirement for energy derived from fossil fuels. 

The project is eligible for a RHI biomethane and ROCs tariffs, which are part of the government environmental programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK. Gravel Pit Biogas contributes to the reduction of green gas emissions into the atmosphere by processing farmyard  manure, as well as maize and grass silage.  Digestate from the plant  is used as fertiliser by the surrounding farms. 


Advantage, our portfolio service operator, provides support to our AD plants across the UK. Their core focus is on routine maintenance and health and safety checks as well as ensuring compliance and plant optimisation. In addition to conducting routine operating activities the plant, Advantage have been commissioned to refurbish parts of the facility to optimise its potential output.

Investment Name

Gravel Pit Biogas Ltd






Advantage Biogas Limited



Sand Hutton, North Yorkshire


Waste type

Farm waste


Deal closed

September 2015



Anaerobic Digestion