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Haworth ASL Limited

Deal Overview

Haworth ASL Limited (“HAL”) was formed in September 2018 with investment from IEILP NW. Construction of a proprietary ASL system is underway for installation at one of the UK’s leading chicken abattoirs. The ASL system will process over 10,000 tonnes of CAT3 animal by-products from the chicken abattoir and produce high quality bio-oil and protein outputs for sale into the animal feed, pet food and oleochemicals markets. This project will deliver higher quality outputs with a lower carbon footprint than existing renderers.  


The system is being built and installed at the chicken abattoir’s site under an EPC contract with Agritec Systems Limited (“ASL”). ASL will further maintain and operate the system on-site under an O&M contract. HAL has a long term exclusive feedstock contract with the chicken abattoir for all CAT3 feedstock for the duration of the project.



The plant is currently under construction with full operation expected to commence in Q4 2019.


Investment Name

Haworth ASL Limited



Agritec Systems Limited (ASL)


Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Waste type

Abattoir waste

Deal closed

September 2018


Proprietary ASL Process Technology