Howla Hay Biogas

Deal Overview

Howla Hay Biogas owns an on farm anaerobic digestion plant near Guisborough, North Yorkshire. The feedstock used mainly derives from crops grown from the fields adjacent to the plant.

The plant was supplied by PlanET Biogas Group, a leading plant manufacturer,

which has completed over 400 biogas plants worldwide. Surgo Construction provided engineering, procurement and construction management services. The facility is capable of producing up to 374kW per hour of electricity, which is sold to the National Grid. Howla Hay  Biogas receives income under the Feed in Tariff Scheme, which is part of the government environmental programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK. Digestate from the plant provides is used as a fertiliser by the surrounding farms. 


The plant is operated by Advantage Biogas Limited (“Advantage”). Advantage provides support services to Biogas plants in the UK focusing on routine maintenance, health and safety reports, plant optimisation and biological services. 

Investment Name

Howla Hay Biogas 




Advantage Biogas Limited



Guisborough, North Yorkshire


Waste type

Farm waste 

Deal closed

March 2013



Anaerobic Digestion