New Mill Biogas Ltd

Deal Overview

New Mill Biogas Limited reached financial close in January 2016. The project is an anaerobic digestion plant located at New Mill farm in Thormanby near Easingwold in North Yorkshire. The plant will receive feedstocks from New Mill Farm. The facility will generate up to 2MW of electricity per hour, which will be exported to the grid network.

The plant is being supplied by Williams Industrial Services and the CHP by Edina.

The plant was pre-accredited under the Government’s FiT scheme in September 2015.

The project is eligible for RHI and FiT tariffs, which are part of the government environmental programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK. New Mill Biogas contributes to the reduction of green gas emissions into the atmosphere by processing farmyard slurry and chicken manure, as well as maize and grass silage.  Digestate from the plant is used as a fertiliser by the surrounding farms.


The plant successfully achieved takeover and is now operated by Advantage Biogas Limited (“Advantage”). Advantage provides support services to Biogas plants in the UK focusing on routine maintenance, health and safety reports, plant optimisation and biological services. 

Investment Name

New Mill Biogas Ltd





Advantage Biogas Limited



Thormanby, Easingwold


Waste type

Farm waste


Deal closed

January 2016



Anaerobic Digestion