Dr Rebecca O'Neill

Rebecca joined the Iona investment team in 2015.  She is responsible for the technical management of Iona’s existing assets: This includes assessing and reporting on the design and operation of the facilities, developing and evaluating proposals for facility upgrades and improvement works, and working with the operators to ensure the facilities are optimised. Rebecca also provides technical support for the development of new projects, and is working with a number or research and development projects to ensure Iona is aware of new technologies to the renewables market. 

Prior to joining Iona, Rebecca was head of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) at Fichtner Consulting Engineers and prior to that a Project Engineer at Williams Industrial Services. Rebecca has a PhD from Queens University Belfast, her researched focussed on the production of renewable fuels from waste. Rebecca also graduated with a 1st class honours MEng in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast.