Prince of Wales visits first Welsh Local Authority developed Anaerobic Digestion plant

Biogen and Iona Capital have welcomed His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to the Biogen GwyriAD Anaerobic Digestion plant, the first anaerobic digestion plant built specifically under the Welsh Government’s renewable energy policy.

His Royal Highness visited the plant at Llwyn Isaf in Gwynedd, North Wales ahead of the full operations starting at the end of the summer.

His Royal Highness was given a guided tour of the facility designed and built by Biogen especially for Gwynedd Council.

The GwyriAD plant will process 11,500 tonnes of food waste supplied by the Council from local households and businesses together with additional third party food waste. The facility will generate enough electricity to power 700 households a year and will also produce digestate, which is used as a fertiliser in agriculture.

To mark his visit, His Royal Highness has planted an autumn spire rowan tree at the GwyriAD site.

Nick Ross, Iona Capital Director, said: "We are delighted to welcome His Royal Highness at the first anaerobic digestion facility in Wales developed especially for the local authority. The AD industry has the potential to produce significant volumes of sustainable Biogas which will reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels and our carbon footprint."

To read about this event further please visit BBC website or check out the video on Youtube

Biogen Gwyriad at a glance

Financial Close- July 2012

Construction Started- September 2012

Construction Completed- July 2013

Technology Used- Anaerobic Digestion

Operator- Biogen (UK) Ltd

Household food waste processed p.a.- 11,000 tonnes

Electricity generated p.a.- 3,500 MWhr