Ullswater Ultra Challenge

Length: 8-11km hiking, 7-11km kayaking, 16km cycling Total ascent/descent: Unknown, but plenty Time: approximately 5 hours

A group from Iona Capital undertook the ultimate challenge in the Ullswater, Lake District area - hiking, cycling and finally kayaking all to raise funding for the environmental charities: 10:10 UK, The Young People's Trust for the Environment and The Prince's Trust Taking part alongside Iona were teams involved in the construction of the new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant Leeming Biogas, to name a few: JFS& Associates, DWPF, Walker Morris, Surgo Construction, Fichtner Engineering, AWSM Farming. Iona has provided funding for the largest gas to grid plant in Yorkshire, which is converting foodwaste from local business into renewable energy.

Iona would like to thank everyone who has participated in the event and of course the organisers, Distant Horizons.