Keithick & St Boswell's Biogas agree new Green Gas Certificates deal

Keithick & St Boswell's Biogas agree new Green Gas Certificates deal

Iona Capital have recently agreed the sale of green gas certificates to innovative energy supply company Bulb. This will support Bulb's ambitions to to provide 100% green gas to its customers. Keithick and and St Boswell's biomethane output will allow Bulb to supply decarbonised gas to up to 6,400 homes across the country.

Both biogas plants are fed by locally sourced crops grown on neighbouring farms, and produce three million cubic metres of biomethane a year. The process also produces a nutrient rich by-product which is spread on surrounding farmland in order to improve soil quality and reduce requirements for carbon intensive nitrate fertilisers.

This is a significant step for Iona as each unit of gas that is injected into the grid will now replace a unit of fossil gas for carbon conscious domestic customers around Britain. The biomethane certification scheme tracks the units of gas being injected into the grid through to subsequent use by end customers. The process is administered by Green Gas Trading ltd in conjunction with the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme to provide assurance over the volumes and sustainable credentials of gas injected by Iona Capital assets.

St Boswells Farm (2018)

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