St Boswells Biogas Ltd

Deal Overview

In 2014 IEILP completed its investment in an AD Biogas to Grid facility at St Boswells in the Scottish Borders.

Each year the plant uses locally grown agricultural feedstocks and material to produce over three million cubic metres of biomethane for injection into the gas network.  The facility works closes with the local gas network operator, and provider of the gas upgrading plant Scotia Gas Networks to oversee the connection of the plant to the local gas grid.


The project is eligible for payments under the renewable heat incentive, part of the UK government’s environmental programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK.

St Boswells Biogas contributes to the reduction of green gas emissions into the atmosphere by processing farmyard slurry and chicken manure, as well as maize and grass silage.  Digestate from the plant provides is used as a biofertiliser by the surrounding farms.


The plant is managed by Biogas Power Ltd, one of Scotland’s leading providers of innovative solutions for on-farm and energy from waste AD facilities.

Investment Name

St Boswells Biogas Limited



Biogas Power Ltd



Charlesfield, St Boswells, Scotland


Waste type

Farm waste and agricultural feedstock

Deal closed

September 2014



Anaerobic Digestion